Why I’m putting Full-time Streaming on the Backburner

So here I am, sitting at the computer, watching the blinking line, waiting for words to hit the page. I’m wondering how I should start this, how I should explain to the 8BitFamily that mama has to leave full-time casting for a while. There’s no easy way to explain everything that is happening offline, when I’m not on Twitch. There’s no easy way for anyone to explain their whole offline lives, right? For me, it makes all the sense: you’ve got to sacrifice a ton of things in life in order to make things work. But my family life, the one offline, won’t be it.

Let me explain why I need to put Full-time Streaming on the Backburner, because I think you guys, the 8BitFamily, deserve to have a good explanation. You’ve been there with me for the whole ride, it would be unfair if I’d temporary leave the full-time cast without a word. The Mods, the regulars, the casters who support me as well… From those who stop by every once in a while to those who are super loyal to the stream… Thank you <3 It may be cliche but you’re the reason why I stream in the first place. But…

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Sym Perfectly Portrays Social Anxiety through Gaming


There are a lot of platformers out there, all of different difficulties, different shapes and sizes… and then there are games that have you immersed in a world you can recognize, because you’ve been there at some point in your life. They make you think, they make you stop for a moment and wonder about others, about yourself…

This is what Sym did to me.

Sym, by Atrax Games, is the story of a teenage boy named Josh who is stuck in a maze made out of reality and his own world, created to hide from his fears and issues with social anxiety. You will need to guide him through the mazes, avoiding enemies and traps, in search for the exit door. In other words, play as someone you can relate to, because we all have fears and anxiety troubles at some point in our lives. This is why I recognized myself in this game, and most likely why I could be so easily immersed into it.

You must really keep your calm and think before you act, because one false move and you’re dead.

At first glance, I didn’t know what to expect, aside from the game’s description. With no music to greet me during the menu, I was a bit disappointed… however this changed quite rapidly as I dug deeper into the game. The tutorial was straight forward, and I could make it to my first stage (and many deaths…) easily. As you go through the game, you encounter several new enemies which will have your brains working to solve the puzzles you are faced with. The mazes are not so simple: Josh goes from one world to the other to get through them. Sym offers two worlds in one stage: a white and a black one. One represents the normal world – where everyone can see him and ‘judge’ him – and the ‘blanket’ world – where he can hide in his ‘cocoon’ and be safe, or so he thinks…

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Castle in the Darkness might make you flip tables


When people think about difficult games, they usually think about Dark Souls, Hotline Miami, or even Wings of Vi. Here’s another one you can add to your list: Castle in the Darkness, by Matt Kap.

Castle in the Darkness is an indie 2D platformer in which you take on the role of a knight, the sole survivor of a demon attack, in a quest to save a lady and her father from the evil sorcerer of the world they live in. You will need to acquire several items through many levels and battle difficult foes and bosses using the different skills available to you.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Don’t let this cute-looking game fool you… It has a death counter. And you know what this means, right? You’ll be hitting some big numbers on there!

This game is the reason I fell in love with difficult games. It gave me new challenges which I thought I would hate, but in the end, absolutely loved. As I was streaming it, people in chat were having as much fun as I was – although I was raging, and they were laughing! All in all though, both parties enjoyed it. I beat the game with a little over 500 deaths, and only 62% in completion! This means that I still have a lot of gameplay to do in order to truly finish it!

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Highlands is a Beautiful and Challenging Game


If you are looking for a new strategy game, you’ll find that Highlands has everything you need – from breathtaking graphics to a soundtrack that will immerse you completely – and trust me when I say that this is a game you absolutely need in your life!

Highlands is a turn-based strategy game developed by Montreal-based indie dev Burrito Studio (admit it, you’re hungry now, right?) which is led by former Ubisoft developer Alexandre Borgia. It was successfully Kickstarted on October 29th, 2014, with 770 backers! And with reason; the project showed high initiative, great rewards, and an amazing amount of details thrown into the game. The project was successful and the game recently hit the Steam store.  Here are my thoughts and review of the game:

Highlands follows the story of a royal family exiled from their homeland after being under attack by mysterious overlords and  their mechanical armies. The members of the family will have to secure and fortify sectors of the areas they go through and gather items like food and gears to support their friends and team members in order to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

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Rolling Zimro – Get your munchies on!


If you are looking for the next casual, yet challenging app to own on your iDevices, Rolling Zimro might be a good match.

Rolling Zimro, by india-based indie developer Xaxist Arts, is a straight-forward game on its own. You are Zimro, the only human who knows how to grow the sacred plants from the dying planet Smoraah. King Smong has ordered the Smongs to invade planet Earth and to capture Zimro in order for Smoraah to live fully once again. Your goal is to escape the evil aliens (evil because they want to enslave you) by running around the planet and avoid the many obstacle set in your path.

The game itself has a pretty cool mechanic and Xaxist Arts claims it to be the world’s first spinning endless runner game. Your character will endlessly run around the globe, with the earth moving underneath you in a never-ending spin. You must avoid the barrels, campfires, aliens, and crevices by either jumping over them or sliding to destroy those you can by using two easy controls — jump or slide — on a tap command. Your ultimate goal: go as far as you can, beat your friends’ high scores, and be the best at escaping aliens.

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Nihilumbra – A rare masterpiece!


There are a ton of puzzle games that will come and go. Most you will play and forget, some you’ll remember. Then there are puzzle games likeNihilumbra that you will play and never forget. At least I won’t.

Nihilumbra by BeautiFun Games was released back in June of 2012 on iOS but for some reason I had never heard of it until a tweet was sent to Shoost by Jesús Fabre, PR and Community Manager over at BeautiFun Games, thanking us for retweeting something (I used to work for Shoost!). The power of social media! After playing the demo on their website, I knew I had to review this one. I had only played for a few minutes and I was already hungry for more.

Then there are puzzle games like Nihilumbra which you will play and never forget

In Nihilumbra, you take on the role of a tiny being called Born. Starting from its birth you set out on a journey to discover the ‘colors’ of the world. Born is born from The Void, which is filled with darkness and evil creatures. You have left The Void but it wants you back and your goal is to escape it through a multitude of beautifully designed levels. As your character successfully finishes a world, you are taken to the next to learn about a new ‘color.’

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Bina Blocks? Highly addictive!

bina3Since I am always on the lookout for casual iOS games that I can keep on my iPad and carry with me, when I was given the opportunity to play Bina Blocks by KeitGames, I had to try it out. And guess what? It’s free on the App Store!

Bina Blocks is a casual, Jenga-styled puzzle game where you have to position random blocks of different sizes to make a tower. You need to reach the maximum height and hope to God the crazy blue bird out on a mission to destroy your tower doesn’t do exactly that. As your tower is set, you must press the “Go” button and it will launch a bird that has a randomized height at which it will be thrown. If the bird successfully makes all of your blocks fall, you have to restart your level. If, however, your tower still stands, it’s all a matter of reaching the first, second, or third line to determine your star level. Not enough blocks? Not a problem! With in-game money, also known as binas, you can purchase more of them to make your structure sturdier. You will get two extra binas every time you complete a stage.

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Among the Sleep will leave you speechless


What does the world look like when you’re a toddler? Do you remember the sounds, the colors, or even your mother’s lullabies? What about your nightmares and/or night terrors? Thankfully, most of us don’t remember these horrifying things. However, in Among the Sleep by Krillbite Studio, you’ll be reminded – or at least will experience once again – about all of these things, and not necessarily in a good way.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter in May of 2013, Among The Sleep is about a two-year-old toddler who wakes up in the middle of the night and sees his (or her) new birthday gift, a fluffy and patched teddy bear named Teddy, get dragged away by unseen forces. Next thing you know, your crib is tipped over and you’re on your own, crawling the dark hallways in search of your new best friend. When you do find him, this is when the story begins as you and Teddy must look for your mother.

Among The Sleep is one of the most terrifying games I have ever played. Even in broad daylight.

I don’t want to tell more in case of possible spoilers but let me just say this: Among The Sleep is one of the most terrifying games I have ever played — even in broad daylight. The atmosphere in which your world unfolds is a very tense one, offering jump scares, horrifying-looking monsters, and a soundtrack to leave you with goosebumps and a fast-beating heart, leaving you on the edge of your chair as you try to figure out the many puzzles the game has to offer. But don’t let the darkness fool you: Among The Sleep is not only a horror game, but it has really deep psychological meanings behind it. I can’t say more. You’ll have to experience the game for yourself to find out!

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For #NationalCoffeeDay here’s a smoothie… with coffee grains and Silk soy Milk!

When you think maybe you’re out of ideas on how to make your coffee even more better, you might be wrong. Coffee isn’t that great on the system if you overdo it but what about coffee grounds, straight up?

Coffee grounds have a multitude of greatness:

  • reduces inflammation;
  • helps get rid of these black circles under your eyes;
  • helps get rid of cellulite;
  • helps get rid of depression;
  • increases attention;
  • gives you that boost you need!

And even more. A simple wiki search helps to see just how many benefits there are and what it does to your system when done in moderation.

So here’s what I’ve come up with lately – if you love coffee, you’ll love this smoothie, especially for #NationalCoffeeDay !

PicMonkey Collage
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Summer updates

Oh hai there!

I’ve been so busy the past few weeks, I think I’m due for an update! I haven’t recorded much either for the simple reason that I’m basically never home. Camping, visiting friends, going out, having amazing company… All these were not expected either! I usually stay home during the summer, go to the pool and whatnot… But this year has been very hectic. We are planning on purchasing a camper caravan thing… I have no idea what to call them in English! But the thing is, if we have it next year, I’ll be able to bring my computer over there and keep recording on camping site! That would be awesome, right?

So, again, sorry for the lack of videos. I’ve been having one of the best summer, though! Will be back in September, for sure!


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