Bina Blocks? Highly addictive!

bina3Since I am always on the lookout for casual iOS games that I can keep on my iPad and carry with me, when I was given the opportunity to play Bina Blocks by KeitGames, I had to try it out. And guess what? It’s free on the App Store!

Bina Blocks is a casual, Jenga-styled puzzle game where you have to position random blocks of different sizes to make a tower. You need to reach the maximum height and hope to God the crazy blue bird out on a mission to destroy your tower doesn’t do exactly that. As your tower is set, you must press the “Go” button and it will launch a bird that has a randomized height at which it will be thrown. If the bird successfully makes all of your blocks fall, you have to restart your level. If, however, your tower still stands, it’s all a matter of reaching the first, second, or third line to determine your star level. Not enough blocks? Not a problem! With in-game money, also known as binas, you can purchase more of them to make your structure sturdier. You will get two extra binas every time you complete a stage.

Bina Blocks will keep you enthralled in its beauty and simplicity

The game is easy to learn — heck, even my three-year-old son enjoyed playing it! — casual, and the game itself is beautifully rendered. With a theme song that is very reminiscent of Disney animated movies, Bina Blocks will keep you enthralled in its beauty and simplicity. I wish, however, that it had more tracks to it — more music. That doesn’t stop the fact that once, after dinner, it didn’t take much time for the whole family to catch me playing one level of Bina Blocks. I immediately regretted the decision to play it because next thing I knew, the whole family had taken over my iPad and I wasn’t a player anymore but a spectator. Everyone wanted to try their luck against the blue bird of doom and had a great time doing it, not to mention that teamwork was in the air.

I felt like the game was too short, however. It currently has 30 levels but KeitGames hinted at more of them to be added in the near future, which is a very good thing. The whole family will enjoy Bina Blocks from the casual puzzle stages to the timed ones. All in all, I would highly suggest this game to anyone who owns an Apple device and are looking for a fun and challenging game. This is a short and sweet review, for a short and sweet game.

Bina Blocks
  • Gameplay
  • Sounds and music
  • Eye Candy
  • Fun times


Fun and casual
For the whole family
Keeps you wanting for more

Too short, but more levels will be added later on


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