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If you are looking for the next casual, yet challenging app to own on your iDevices, Rolling Zimro might be a good match.

Rolling Zimro, by india-based indie developer Xaxist Arts, is a straight-forward game on its own. You are Zimro, the only human who knows how to grow the sacred plants from the dying planet Smoraah. King Smong has ordered the Smongs to invade planet Earth and to capture Zimro in order for Smoraah to live fully once again. Your goal is to escape the evil aliens (evil because they want to enslave you) by running around the planet and avoid the many obstacle set in your path.

The game itself has a pretty cool mechanic and Xaxist Arts claims it to be the world’s first spinning endless runner game. Your character will endlessly run around the globe, with the earth moving underneath you in a never-ending spin. You must avoid the barrels, campfires, aliens, and crevices by either jumping over them or sliding to destroy those you can by using two easy controls — jump or slide — on a tap command. Your ultimate goal: go as far as you can, beat your friends’ high scores, and be the best at escaping aliens.

Graphically speaking, Rolling Zimro looks very polished and is pleasant to look at.

You are able to obtain power-ups such as a bike to roll over obstacles, a munchie magnet to attract nearby munchies toward you, shrooms to slow speed down, and more. All of those are purchasable with munchies (the currency used in the game), and you also have the option to buy more munchies with in-app purchases. On top of power-ups, you have utilities: you can buy an extra heart to survive longer or even a ‘crack’ which allows you to start ahead of the race.

Graphically speaking, Rolling Zimro looks very polished and is pleasant to look at. The only downside I could mention is that the faster the planet spins, the faster your eyes move, and the easier it is for you to feel nauseous if you are the kind of person to get vertigo easily. Can’t read a book in the car? You’ll have to take plenty of breaks while playing this game. Other than that, the music is charming and its sports theme adds a great sense of challenge as you play.

Speaking of challenges, if you are the achievements-gathering type, you’ll love Rolling Zimro as there currently are 36 achievements to unlock. You can challenge your friends to do better through the game center and try to be first on the leaderboard.

Rolling Zimro is a great game to keep on your iPad or iPhone as it will provide you with the entertainment you need in waiting rooms or anywhere else for that matter. If challenges are for you, then so is Rolling Zimro.

Here’s a little fun detail: Rolling Zimro has a lot of references to recreational drugs and related subjects. “Shrooms,” sacred plants leaning on the marijuana look, “munchies,” even Zimro sports the Rastafarian look. Not a bad thing on its own but I thought it was funny. Especially for the currency to be called munchies.

You can grab Rolling Zimro on the Apple App Store for $1.99.

Rolling Zimro
  • Gameplay
  • Sounds and Music
  • Eye Candy
  • Fun times


The whole family can enjoy it


Can cause dizziness


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